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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to create knowledge and deliver standard programs, tools, and techniques that raise the competencies and quality of our global member communities and inspire them to continuously improve patient safety, patient outcomes, patient satisfaction and the cost-effectiveness of MISS.

Paymaun Lotfi, Pierce Nunley and Luis Lara during SMISS cadaveric training.

SMISS is an international community of spine surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, and neurosurgeons who have chosen to specialize in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS). The SMISS Community is open to other medical professionals, academics, and researchers who wish to become general members of the organization because they share an interest in MISS.

SMISS is a surgeon led organization, which aims to excel in five distinct areas to advance our mission:

  • Education: SMISS intends to depart from the traditional congress-based education offering of a conventional spine society; instead we are building a complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program including certification so as to provide life-long learning opportunities for our members.
  • Clinical Research & Documentation: Our research strategy will be heavily focused towards Patient Reported Outcome Measures both from clinical and educational assessment so as to help drive and support the concept of Value-Based Healthcare in MISS. 
  • Marketing: We intend to actively and professionally market our organization to members and other stakeholder groups. We have a simple goal, the world’s largest community of MISS specialists and talent. We are opening our doors and our marketing will aim to support the development of different communities of practice across the developed, developing and emerging world. 
  • MISS Centers of Excellence: We want to identify and endorse MISS Centers of Excellence where multidisciplinary teams of care professionals collaborate and use standardized SMISS processes to deliver best practices in operative and non-operative care so as to drive continuous improvement in patient safety, outcomes and satisfaction at a lower cost for stakeholders.
  • Governance: We will take pride in our governance which expounds the guidelines to ensure transparency, democracy, and sovereignty. Our governance will ensure our organization expands globally and remains flexible, modern, and dynamic to continually master the challenges and changing landscape of MISS.

As the largest global MISS community, SMISS will grow and enrich itself in terms of skills, understanding and professionalism. Our members will enhance their careers and personal lives as they improve their skills and their patient outcomes advance by sharing and exchanging knowledge and friendship.