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SMISS Annual Meeting 2013

November 1-3, 2013
Caesars Palace Hotel & MERIN and MedCure Labs
Las Vegas, Nevada

The SMISS 2013 Program was held at Caesars Palace Hotel & MERIN and MedCure Labs in Las Vegas, NV. The scientific program included an optional full-day cadaveric course with separate tracks in both Competencies and Techniques; and also two days of CME-accredited didactic sessions with presentations and expert panels validating new MIS applications in spinal pathologies, improved and enhanced MIS techniques and challenges in mastering new MIS technologies.

Index of 2013 Presentations

The 2013 annual meeting of the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery featured the following presentations:
Presenting Author: Kern Singh MD
Additional authors: Sreeharsha V. Nandyala BA Alejandro Marquez-Lara MD Steven J. Fineberg MD Matthew Oglesby Miguel Pelton BS Gunnar B. Andersson MD, PhD Frank M. Phillips MD
Presenting Author: Gregory M. Mundis MD
Additional authors: Virginie LaFage PhD Behrooz A. Akbarnia MD Robert K. Eastlack MD Michael Wang MD Juan S. Uribe MD, FACS Neel Anand MD Praveen Mummaneni MD David Okonkwo MD, PhD Adam Kanter MD Frank LaMarca MD Paul Park MD Richard G. Fessler MD, PhD Christopher Shaffrey MD Frank Schwab MD Shay Bess MD Vedat Deviren MD International Spine Study Group
Presenting Author: Owoicho Adogwa MD, MPH
Additional authors: Paul Thompson BSE Terence Verla BS Ulysses T. Null BS Kemp Knott BS Jordan Swearingen BS Kevin Huang BA Joseph Cheng MD, MS Robert E. Isaacs MD
Presenting Author: Gregory M. Mundis MD
Additional authors: Behrooz A. Akbarnia MD Nima Kabirian MD Jeff Pawelek BS Robert K. Eastlack MD Christopher Shaffrey MD Eric Klineberg MD Shay Bess MD Christopher Ames MD Vedat Deviren MD Virginie LaFage PhD
Presenting Author: Ehsan Jazani MD
Additional authors: Oliver Tannous MD Eric Belin MD Christopher M. Hoshino MD Robert V. O'Toole MD Noelle Kolcke MS Mir Hussain MS Brandon Bucklen PhD Steven Ludwig MD
Presenting Author: Armen R. Deukmedjian MD
Additional authors: Konrad Bach MD Michael Park MD Juan S. Uribe MD, FACS
Presenting Author: Xifeng Zhang MD
Additional authors: Lin Zhang Jianfei Ji Bo Liu Songhua Xiao Zhengsheng Liu Yonggang Zhang Baowei Liu Shourong Zhu Ning Lu
Presenting Author: Paul Park MD
Additional authors: Michael Wang MD Virginie LaFage PhD John Ziewacz MD David Okonkwo MD, PhD Juan S. Uribe MD, FACS Robert K. Eastlack MD Neel Anand MD Richard G. Fessler MD, PhD Adam Kanter MD Vedat Deviren MD Frank LaMarca MD Christopher Shaffrey MD Gregory M. Mundis MD Praveen Mummaneni MD International Spine Study Group
Presenting Author: Sharon C. Yson MD
Additional authors: Edward G. Santos MD Jonathan N. Sembrano MD David W. Polly, Jr. MD
Presenting Author: Jiancheng Zeng MD, PhD
Additional authors: Zhuhai Li MD Yueming Song MD, PhD Kaixuan Liu MD, PhD Hongfei Nie MD Qingquan Kong
Presenting Author: Branko Skovrlj MD
Additional authors: Yakov Gologorsky MD Raqeeb Haque MD Richard G. Fessler MD, PhD Sheeraz A. Qureshi MD, MBA
Presenting Author: Cristiano M. Menezes MD
Additional authors: Luciene M. Andrade MD Carlos Fernando SP Herrero MD Helton LA Defino MD, PhD Marcos Antonio Ferreira Jr. MD William Blake Rodgers MD, FACS Marcello Nogueira-Barbosa MD, PhD
Presenting Author: Matthew J. Geck MD
Additional authors: Devender Singh PhD Dana Hawthorne MPAS, PA-C Rinella S. Anthony MD Eeric Truumees MD
Presenting Author: Farhan Siddiqi MD
Additional authors: Jacqueline Romero BS Casey O'Donnel DO Victor Hayes MD
Presenting Author: Wolfgang Senker MD
Additional authors: David Buzek MD Arek Kosmala MD Ulrich Hubbe MD Neil A. Manson MD, FRCSC Wout W. Rosenberg Roberto Assietti MD Fredereic Martens MD Paulo Pereira MD Khai Lam MD Giovanni Barbanti MD Peter Durny MD Zvi Lidar Kai-Michael Scheufler MD Walter Richter MD Pawel Sloniewski MD Salvador Fuster MD Vassilios Vougioukas MD Marc L. Schroder MD Jorg Franke MD
Presenting Author: David W. Polly, Jr. MD
Additional authors: Charles Ledonio MD Nathaniel Slinkard MD Marc Swiontkowski MD
Presenting Author: Massimo Miscusi MD, PhD
Additional authors: Filippo Maria Polli MD, PhD Alessandro Frati MD Marco Cimatti MD, PhD Luca De Martino MD Stefano Forcato MD Sokol Trungu MD Luca Ricciardi MD Antonino Raco MD
Presenting Author: Joseph A. Sclafani MD
Additional authors: Kamshad Raiszadeh MD Choll W. Kim MD, PhD
Presenting Author: Mick J. Perez-Cruet MD, MS
Additional authors: Evan M. Begun BS Daniel K. Fahim MD G. Zachary White BS Robert A. Collins DO Namath S. Hussain MD, MBA
Presenting Author: Jim Youssef MD
Additional authors: Douglas Orndorff MD Morgan Scott Rachel Ebner
Presenting Author: Christoph P. Hofstetter MD, PhD
Additional authors: Marjan Alimi MD Eric Elowitz MD Roger Härtl MD
Presenting Author: Antoine Tohmeh MD
Additional authors: Robert E. Isaacs MD Jonathan N. Sembrano MD SOLAS Degenerative Study Group